Parents charged in North Charleston accident that killed toddler

File photo from the scene of the accident (WCIV)

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- The parents of a girl, 3,{}who was killed in a car accident on Spruill Avenue last month were charged in the girl's death, according to court records.

Amanda and Tyrone Hicks both face charges of ill treatment of a child. Tyrone Hicks faces an additional charge of reckless homicide.

According to a North Charleston Police spokesperson, Tyrone and Amanda Hicks turned themselves in at North Charleston Police Headquarters Wednesday morning.

The couple appeared in bond court Wednesday night.{}

Wiping tears from her eyes, Amanda Hicks begged the judge for mercy.

"When we did find out we had warrants, we did turn ourselves in," she said. "Just losing my baby is hard to begin with on top of everything else, so I just want you to take that into consideration please, sir."

Tyrone Hicks also attempted to speak through his tears but could only manage a few words.

Police reports show investigators found a substance in a pill bottle in the Hicks's truck that tested positive for a substance found in marijuana. They also found a half-empty bottle of beer that was still cold to the touch,{}according to the report.{}

Investigators also{}later recovered a scale from the truck that tested positive for cocaine.

According to court documents, Tylia Hicks, who weighed 42 pounds at the time of her death, was seated in a booster seat rated for children between 60 to 80 pounds.{} It was also not buckled in the rear seat of the vehicle.

Police said that Hicks' pickup truck was traveling south on Spruill Avenue when it side-swiped another vehicle. The truck then left the road, hit a pole and flipped, not even a mile from their home. Three-year-old Tylia Hicks was{}ejected from the truck, police said.

The child was taken to Medical University Hospital in critical condition where she later died, just days away from celebrating her fourth birthday.

Family members have said the accident happened after Tyrone Hicks had a seizure behind the wheel. Family members also said all three were wearing their seat belts.

ABCNews4 reached Tylia's uncle Aaron Hicks Tuesday. Hicks said the family was devastated. He also said he still believes his brother had a seizure, as doctors told him.

"Even with them prosecuting my mother and sister-in-law, it's not going to bring her back. Maybe they're trying to serve justice but justice will never be served for me and my family because my baby's gone. Even though they're in jail tonight, they still have to remember they lost a child," he said.

Aaron Hicks said Tylia was always strapped in to a booster seat when he rode in the car with her and his brother.

Amanda Hicks was given a personal recognizance bond, which means she was released from jail without having to put up any bail. Tyrone Hicks' bond was set at $80,000.