Parents concerned traffic at Sangaree Elementary is too much

SANGAREE, S.C. (WCIV) -- Schools in Berkeley County are back in session after the Christmas break, but one mother who has kids at Sangaree Elementary School said that while it's a new year, they are still battling the problems of years past.{}

Christine Lakowsky said she called 911 because she did not know the non-emergency phone number, but was troubled when she saw a little boy almost hit by a car.{}

"This little boy was walking on the sidewalk and this car just went to back up and almost hit him," Lakowsky said.

She said she's seen it happen repeatedly at the intersection by the school.

Lakowsky said the traffic at the intersection is dangerously congested. According to her, each morning parents are greeted by a 20-minute wait to drop off their children. Lakowsky said she thinks a light needs to be installed.

She said just days before Christmas break began, a girl was almost hit by a driver weaving through morning traffic.

Berkeley County Schools officials said the poor weather and the first day back at school likely contributed to the amount of traffic Thursday morning.{}

"Children that would normally walk to school probably caught a ride with mom or dad or grandparents and that increased our traffic a little bit, but we didn't report any serious issues," said Amy Kovach, the communications director for the school district.{}

Kovach said safety is the primary concern of the district and that officials have taken steps to create a safer intersection by adding a crossing guard. She said parents have been asked to use proper signaling and driving lanes when dropping off and picking up their students.{}

But Cynthia Carter, another parent with a child at the school, said the crossing guard is not helping.{}

"People are literally in the center lane so basically, even though it's a two-lane it's a three-lane and people are turning with the children walking on the sidewalks. It's very dangerous; it scares me," she said.

Kovach said the school district has worked with the state Department of Transportation to perform traffic studies of the area.{}

"At this time the department of transportation has not installed a traffic light. That is certainly up to them. We certainly request those when we feel it is absolutely necessary, for instance at Cane Bay High School," Kovach said.{}

Kovach said Berkeley County is a growing area and that will mean more traffic. That also means a little patience as the infrastructure catches up with the population, she said.