Parents on police chase: 'Happy its just a mailbox and nothing else'

By Valencia

HANAHAN, S.C. (WCIV) - When Tara Green heard sirens outside of her home late Wednesday night, it was noise out of the norm.

"Minor little incidents here and there but, for the most part it's quiet," said Green, as she recalled the high speed chase that ran right in front of her home.

The sound was even more startling for Brian Morros.

"I was laying on the couch and heard sirens coming, and then I heard a screech and then I heard a bang and then another bang," said Morros.

Morros' mailbox was one of several others run over by the driver.

"I was pretty upset," said Morros. "When she hit it, it sounded like gunshots and I thought the police officer was firing at first."

Morros says he even saw the driver, 17-year old Shaylynn Capers, open the door on the way out of the neighborhood as if she were going to jump out.

"If my kids would have been out here, I don't know what I would have done," Morros said.

Green said while she and her family usually feel safe in their home, the accident was a rude awakening of how careful she and her kids have to be.

"I'm lackadaisical on my alarm system and -- I will definitely be making sure its on at all times, even when we're home," Green said.

On the other hand, Morros is stuck having to replace his own mailbox.

"They say normally the insurance would cover it but I heard it was a stolen car so, I'm responsible for my mailbox now," Morros said.

Still, having to replace a mailbox and buckle down on security measures is better than the alternative.

"[I'm] very happy it's just a mailbox and nothing else," said Morros.