Parents relieved, students excited as schools close for winter blast

Dave MacQueen (WCIV)

By Stacy

SUMMERVILLE, S.C. (WCIV) -- It's been said that parting is such sweet sorrow. But for students both young and old, leaving school early Tuesday was nothing but sweet.

"Very energetic, every body's crazy, excited to get out."said Alexis Westley of the environment inside Summerville High School before dismissal Tuesday.

"I was really happy because I knew if it snows, I won't have to be in school while it's snowing like, 'I want to go out,'" said Katherine Jackson, a fifth grade student at Spann Elementary in Dorchester School District 2.

Charleston, Dorchester District 2 and Berkeley County schools all let out after a half day Tuesday in anticipation of the winter blast expected to hit the Lowcountry. The early dismissal was a relief for parents facing a day without relief from cold and ice.

Parents knew power outages and traffic nightmares could be imminent.

"As long as they get credit for the day, I'm all good. Get home safely. Just get in safe. That's all I care about," said Katherine's mother, Anita Jackson.

But few know the value of a day off quite like students in the Lowcountry, where snow days are few and far between.

"It's like a miracle when it snows because it's so warm down here pretty much all the time," Katherine Jackson said.

"They're excited for the storm, the snow. We don't get that often here so when we do it's time to have a little play. We get to enjoy it for a bit and then it goes away," Summerville High Principal Kenny Farrell said.

A little weather bringing on a full system of excitement.