Parents still debating Moultrie attendance lines

By Ava

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- Classes in the Moultrie District 2 schools continue as normal, while the debate about redistricting attendance lines becomes heated.

"I stay in the area that I've stayed in, is because I wanted my children to go to Whitesides," says parent of two, Angel Payton Harmon.

District 2 held a meeting Thursday night to inform parents of two proposed changes to attendance lines. District representatives are considering the change because, the schools are facing overcrowding. While parents express concerns about uprooting their children - one teacher says a change is needed.

"I know it's difficult for parents to move, people in my neighborhood have to move to a different school because they love their schools and they love their teachers but classes are so crowded in some schools that something needs to be done,"says Kathy Powell, who teaches English as a second language.

Some parents say they are ready for the lines to change.

"I think the lines need to be re-drawn, because we're out of district coming to Moultrie. It's three miles from my house to here, it's seven and half miles to the school he's districted to," said parent Sheryl Goltra.

One parent told ABC News 4 they are still doing their research.

"We are currently zoned for Whitesides and we'll either be at James B. Edwards or Mount Pleasant Academy," said parent Ashley Davis.

Davis is one mom who'sstill debating what the change would mean for her children. Davis says she's not ready to break the newsto her children yet.

"I actually haveintentionally not mentioned it to them, to the kids in the elementary schoolright now, just because I want to wait and see what the final decision israther than get them worried," says Davis.

Parents have until November 8th to give their feedback on the proposals to the district.

This is the statement sent from the Charleston County School District Friday afternoon:"We recognize that many parents have concerns about the possible rezoning of their child's school. While we understand your allegiance to your current school, and how uncomfortable you may be at the prospect of change, please know that no decisions have been made. Thursday nights community meeting was intended to gather input so the Constituent Board can make a final decision that will be in the best interest of all. As your elected officials, it is the responsibility of the Constituent District Board members to set or modify school enrollment boundaries.{} This process has been going on for well over 18 months and parents have until November 8, 2012 to ask questions, raise concerns and offer opinions. Parents can visit and click on the district 2 rezoning tab at the top right of the page to complete the online survey or you can pick up hard copies of the survey at Wando High School."