Parents thrilled Durham, bus drivers reach contract agreement

By Ava

CHARLESTON,{}S.C. (WCIV) Bus service will continue as normal on Monday.

"I am pumped, I'm just so pumped. Because it would really have caused a lot of mayhem for myself," said parent, Betsy Walker. {}

Walker is just one of thousands of Charleston County School District parents who are thankful there's an end to the bus strike talks.

"Yeah I was on pins and needles because I kept thinking, I don't like driving on I-26 as it is because the traffic is always horrific especially in the mornings. So I was just thinking what am I going to do? Put them in a taxi cab?" said Walker.

Walker's son attends School in the Arts in North Charleston, but is picked up by the buses in front of Moultrie Middle School. Many parents said the drive from Mount Pleasant to the School ofthe Arts and Academic Magnet campus is a daily trip they can't imagine without the buses running.

"I'm thrilled. I have three children at three different schools. It would be very, very difficult to try to maneuver the kids if the buses weren't running," said Kelly Yost.{}

Yost{}said in her neighborhood, they prepared for the worst.

"I had several carpools lined up for different days of the week. If it happens on a Wednesday, who's going to do what and if it happens on a Tuesday, who's going to do what and all that for each school," said Yost. {}

The possible carpool and alternate ride scenarios' are all over now, but some said the contract agreement{}was well overdue.

"I'm glad that it's over.{}{}Yeah, it's been a lot of uncertainty among a lot of people for a long time," said parent Susan Sloate. {}

The bus driver union and Durham School Services have yet to release the details of their new contract. The Charleston County school district has also not said if the agreement means they are no longer hiring bus drivers.