Parents upset after driver hits child, drives away

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- A 6-year-old boy hit by a car is still in serious condition at Medical University Hospital. Parents in the neighborhood said Thursday they are livid the driver did not stop.

"I just want the parents to be more cautious about, you know, driving and paying attention," said Kathy Walker.{}

She's one of many moms in Windsor Hill who are upset at what happened early Wednesday morning. The Highway Patrol says 6-year-old William Smith was hit by a car as he walked to the school bus.{}

But the car drove away.

"I think that's a coward to hit somebody's child. Not even to stop to look and see if they child is okay, or to call for help. You know that's really sad," said Walker.

The accident happened on Windsor Hill Boulevard near Aspen Woods Lane, where a lot of kids attend Windsor Hill Arts Infused Elementary School.

Sheriff's deputies and the Highway Patrol are now spending more time at the intersection, while parents keep an eye on their children.

"I kind of watch out for the kids, and if I see a child running across the street and they're not paying attention then I will come out and, you know, make sure that they are safe," said Walker, who lives near the accident scene.

Another parent whose son walks to school every day with the victim said his son is now afraid to leave the house and did not attend school on Thursday. The man said he would be driving his son to school from now on.{}

Smith's mother, Michelle Hadley, said Thursday that he is doing well in the hospital. He was recently fitted for a back brace.{}

Hadley said doctors do not think he will have any permanent physical problems from the hit, but she is still concerned about his mental state, she said.{}

Highway Patrol investigators spent part of the morning at the accident scene. They're looking for any type of clue that will let them know specifically what kind of car hit the child before it took off.{}

At this point, they don't even have a license plate.

As the search continues for the driver and a car, neighbors hope justice is served.

"I want them to turn themselves in, you know to make it easier for themselves, especially the parents that's going through right now with their child. And I'm praying that the child, you know, come through this," said Walker.

A school district official said the assistant principal from Windsor Hill rode with Smith to the hospital.{}


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