Patriots Point officials issue apology after Harbor City Fest

Harbor City Fest. (Source: Andrew Green/Twitter)

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCIV) - Officials at Patriots Point issued an apology to residents of Mount Pleasant who live near the museum after Thursday night's Harbor City Fest garnered a number of noise complaint calls to the museum and police.

The festival, hosted by Prime Social Group and Brightsound Entertainment, featured a host of techno and house music DJs.

"Last night there was a concert rental event at Patriots Point and we received numerous complaints about the noise level of the music. While we are always willing to consider new and unique events as a museum and tourist attraction, we are always committed to doing the right thing," said Patriots Point Executive Director Mac Burdette in a statement on Friday.

Burdette said the concerts are lucrative ventures for the complex, but added that the revenue was not something that could offset the support he and others at Patriots Point had worked to build in the neighborhood.

"Therefore,{}Patriots Point will not allow this type of 'manufactured' music concert in the future. That is a promise.{} We sincerely regret the disturbance created by the concert and hope that all concerned will accept my apology," he said.

Mount Pleasant police issued a special phone number on Twitter to deal with complaints about the rave.

"That number was set up specifically to handle complaints for this party," the account tweeted later.

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