Weekend patrons of Front Street bar return to devastation

By Ava

Charleston, S.C. (WCIV) -- Hot spots on Front Street are still being watered periodically by firefighters. As neighbors gather to stare, some are still stunned by the devastation and looked to each other for comfort.

"We went to the boat show last year with our Sea Scout unit," said Nicholas Migliaccio, who drove from Charleston to inspect the damage. "To be honest, I'm completely shocked, it's actually very sad to see what's happened with this fire."

Sitting on the deck at Buzz's Roost is now a just a memory for Kris Kelly.

"Just lost a lot of memories there and I just wanted to come back and see what it actually looks like at ground zero," Kelly said. {}

Kelly and his wife live in Murrells Inlet but would dock at Buzz's frequently. He said Buzz's, along with the{} other stores and restaurants will return.

"We're going to go down the street here to this big fundraiser today and make some donations and see if we can get this thing rolling," he said. {}{}

The dollars for relief are already rolling in at Wild Fish.

"It's not looking too bad. I haven't had anyone turn me away yet," said Stephanie Johnson, who used to work at Buzz's. "A few people said they didn't have any cash on them, but they were going to the bank or donate at the bank and that helps too. Every little bit counts."

As of Saturday afternoon $6,008 was raised for the relief fund fundraiser at Wild Fish.

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