Pattison's Academy receives new bus through donation

By Eric

CHARLESTON, SC (WCIV) -- This month, Pattison's Academy, a school that provides therapy and education for children with multiple disabilities, was donated its second school bus.

The bus itself is worth more than $50,000. Its impact for students and their families is priceless.

In all, Pattison's Academy has 30 students. Each one of them depends on these buses to help them live and learn, like they so deeply deserve. With a second bus now in the mix, the impact, says Pattison's Executive Director, Sloan Cooper, is almost immeasurable.

"It means everything," Cooper said. "It doesn't just mean everything to children, it means something to the entire family."

Students at Pattison's live with disabilities brought on by things like cerebral palsy and seizure disorders. This after school routine is done everyday, as well as once in the morning. It takes time but it gives the children a true school experience.

"It provides an opportunity for these kids to be able to participate in their environment," said Cooper. "Often we take for granted the idea of transportation, for these kids they need specialized transportation. This bus gives us the opportunity to transport them to school."

The buses provide transportation for field trips as well.

Bob Webster and Palmetto Moon donated the new vehicle. Webster says he hopes it will serve Pattison in addition to those who care for them away from school.

"The caregivers are the ones who are always working 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and this gives the caregivers some time for natural activities in their life," Webster said.

Each ride has room for six wheelchairs, three more seats for students and still more space for two staffers on board.

"It's a very basic need but these children would not be able to come to school and do the things they're doing if we weren't able to provide transportation," said Cooper.

Pattison's Academy is in its second year of providing therapy and schooling for children with disabilities.

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