Peagler wants to get employees a raise as first order of business

MONCKS CORNER, S.C. (WCIV) - Moncks Corner mayor Bill Peagler spent Wednesday afternoon taking calls of congratulations from his supporters.

Peagler beat incumbent Dan Davis for the Republican nominee in the race for Berkeley County Supervisor.

"We never, never trailed. It was very rewarding," said Peagler while sitting in his law office off California Avenue. "I really appreciate all the effort by the voters and my volunteers and everyone who had a part in bringing this to a successful conclusion."

Peagler won with 5,424 votes.

"I can't help but feel a little sense of accomplishment," Peagler said.

Peagler was first elected mayor of Moncks Corner a decade ago. He also served on town council for 10 years while also running a personal law firm.

"When I became a councilman I saw that we could help more people. When I became the mayor, it was a situation where I could direct the focus of an entire town," said Peagler when asked why he decided to run for county supervisor. "We were successful in those levels and when I saw what was going on at the county, it became a situation where I felt like I had to run."

No Democrats are running against Peagler in November's general election. If there are no successful write-in candidates, Peagler will begin serving in January 2015.

"I want to make sure that the county employees are treated fairly," said Peagler. "They hadn't had any sort of raise. They had a 3 percent raise at one time but they took back 3 and a half percent for insurance. So, these people have been put upon for a period of years and they are one of the most valuable assets that are held by the county."

Meanwhile, Peagler says he is building relationships with potential colleagues.

"I've already spoken with several of the council members. We're going to be looking at the budget. We're going to be meeting with them on an ongoing basis even prior to me being sworn in so, that when January comes I'm going to be ready," he said.

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