Cat rescued from drain pipe on Nason roof

JAMES ISLAND, S.C. (WCIV) -- A feral cat was rescued from a drain pipe on top of a medical center after it got stuck inside, said a trapper trying to rescue it.

Raymond Covington of Nuisance Wildlife and Alligator Removal. who also volunteers with Pet Helpers, said he climbed on the roof of Nason Medical Center where the cat was stuck and put out traps with food.

When the cat saw Covington, Covington said the cat went toward a drain pipe he believes either to hide or get warm and ended up falling head first into the pipe.

"The cat was running to the far corner of the building and then he jumped into the storm drain pipe," he said. "And that's when he got in a rescue situation where he got trapped."

Covington said he thinks the cat fell inside about four feet.

"He just shifted his body more and more and he just slid on down," Covington said.

Officials with Pet Helpers called for reinforcements this morning after a cat was seen stuck on the roof of the medical center but said they were not allowed to help rescue the cat.

Carol Linville with Pet Helpers said Covington was only allowed to get on the roof after the medical center granted temporary clearance.{}

She said medical center officials cited liability issues as the reason the trapper was not allowed on the roof earlier in the day.

The cat will be taken to Pet Helpers for a medical check up, Linville said.

Feral cats live in cat colonies and Linville said feeders come to the colony{} this cat belongs to. She said he will be returned there after he is treated.

Linville said Thursday morning a patient from Nason Medical Center reported an orange and white cat has been on top of the building "for at least five days" and could be heard meowing.Linville said another person told her the cat had been missing from a feeding area for over a week, so she thinks it's possible the cat has been on the roof for at least that long."Part of the message here is when cats go missing, it is so important to not only 'look in the streets' but get the word{}out," said Linville. "Check trees and buildings, inside and out. It is important to note that a scared cat can run up a tree and jump to another area at a further distance than it often can jump back."But access to the roof was denied and Linville said the staff at Nason Medical called the police.According to Linville, the Nason office manager said they were calling their maintenance man to take care of the situation."We wonder why he wasn't called in first place," said Linville. "We responded to a Nason patient who came into Pet Helpers today very upset about the cat still on roof after reportedly 5-7 days{}and nothing being done to help the cat!"A spokesperson for Nason Medical Center said the company supports Pet Helpers and is thankful the cat was rescued from the roof. She said the company apologizes if remarks from the manager indicated they did not care about the cat and added they want everyone to be safe.


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