PGA Championship: Meet the Club Doctors

By Jon

KIAWAH ISLAND, S.C. (WCIV) -- The Ocean Course wont just be testing the players this week, the final major of the year will take its toll on their equipment as well.

But who keeps the champions' clubs in tip-top shape?To play your best at the 94th PGA Championship you have to have the best equipment and that's where these guys come in. Some of the best tech's in the world make sure the players' wedges and drivers are spot on. Inside a mobile workshop, you'll find key ingredients in the success of the next PGA champion: grinders, glue, and a lot of know-how. And when those clubs need a tune up, these players turn to the pros. "If they need a new wedge this week a lot of the players are going to come in and look for a fresh wedge because of firm golf course conditions," said Rob Waters, PGA Tour Manager with Cleveland/Srixon Golf. "And they want as much control as they can possibly can have." And control is something these expert artisans always have in their bag. "We've got a database in our computer with every player that plays a Cleveland product with their specs, their lies and loss, their swing weights and links and what grips they use and how many pieces of tape they use in their grip," said Waters. "So if something happens we can usually get it done here on sight in about 10-15 minutes." It's a big job keeping these pros on or under par and on point quickly. You may never see them step foot on the golf course, but they're definitely the unsung heroes at the PGA Championship.