PGA preparing Ocean Course for 94th Championship

By Eric

KIAWAH ISLAND, SC (WCIV) -- There is significant transformation going on at the Ocean Course on Kiawah Island for the 94th PGA Championship.

Bleachers are being built, luxury boxes constructed, even a major merchandising tent is now in place. The PGA has put it upon themselves to build up a mini-city, all to get ready for the PGA Championship.

In less than seven days, seats will be filled, the course will be crowded and the spotlight will again shine on the ocean. The course is nearly fit for what's to come.

"Anything and everything that you would run through while you're on site for a championship is being built," said Brett Sterba, the Championship Director. "Whether it's as simple as a restroom or a concession."

From the obvious to the extraordinary, Sterba has thought of it all.

He's had plenty of time to do it. He's been planning for the PGA since 2009 when he first moved onto Kiawah Island.

"Our team's been here for three years helping regionalize how we're going to make this event special for the Lowcountry," Sterba said.

The course landscape is now dotted with a 32,000 square foot golf shop, built in just three days. There's another 40,000 square foot tent, Sterba dubbed the largest-ever PGA sports bar.

And the view for the fans, he thought that out too.

"I think we were very creative in the hospitality that was built, we were very creative in finding ways for the gallery and spectators to move throughout golf course," said Sterba. "You'll find a lot of the structures are multiple levels."

For example, the suites along one of the back nine's signature holes, Number 17. The green there is surrounded by what Sterba says will be spectacular views.

"Every day you come back, there's something new that's popping up and it's all on our timeline. It's on our construction schedule and we can't wait to showcase this in just a few more days."

Even with all these moving parts, Sterba says everything will be ready as scheduled to go for the first practice round, coming up Monday, on Kiawah Island.