Plans for school on Sullivan's Island move forward

SULLIVAN'S ISLAND, S.C. (WCIV)--{}The Sullivan's Island Town Council agreed to deny the terms of a referendum submitted by a group of locals, calling the petition "defective".

Several months ago, a group called "Islanders for a Smaller School" petitioned 261 signatures to have the town vote on the size of its school. Monday, council members said accepting the referendum would not give the islanders what they wanted and would cost the town and individuals in the group too much money.

"Basically, the issues in question can't be answered by a referendum," said Madeleine McGee, a town councilwoman. "The lease can not be negated by a referendum, the question that they want asked is not the question in the petition and the referendum would have to stick to the question in the petition. The council has a responsibility to spend money wisely and seeking further legal clarification would not be a wise expenditure of money."

None-the-less, islanders against a bigger school say the vote will not change their stance.

"The referendum petition still stands. Town council has until October to hold the referendum or pass the referendum petition as an ordinance," said Skip Scarpa. "And if they don't, they are still subject to a lawsuit by any one of the 261 people that signed the petition."

Charleston County School leaders want to build a more than 70,000 sq ft school that would hold 500 students.

On Thursday, March 15, there will be a meeting for public input on the design of the new Sullivan's Island Elementary School at Sunrise Presbyterian Church at 6 p.m.

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