School waited 10 minutes before reporting girl missing

CCSO helicopter searching for missing girl Wednesday (Billy Carson)

GOOSE CREEK, S.C. (WCIV) -- Calls to 911 from a Goose Creek elementary school reveal more details into the early moments of the search.

The call from Boulder Bluff Elementary School came from the front office after 10-year-old Zoey Reynolds' teacher reported that she had not seen the girl in 10 minutes.

After the teacher reported the fifth grader missing, the principal told office personnel to call 911 and then call the girl's parents.

School district officials said questions that have come out of the release of the 911 calls were covered in the pending police report and deferred any further comment on the matter to police.

The incident report reveals the timeline.

According to the teacher, Reynolds became disruptive after she was not picked to answer a question. After threats of being written up, the 10-year-old pushed the teacher out of the way and ran out of the classroom.

The teacher told officers that she thought Reynolds was heading to the principal's office as she had done several times in the past.

A short time later, a janitor cleaning the windows in the cafeteria spotted Reynolds leaving the school and then saw the teacher in the hallway. The two ran after Reynolds, but were not able to find her once she left the school, the report states.

Video surveillance shows the girl left school at 8:56 a.m., the report states.

That's when the teacher and the janitor reported the incident to the principal.

According to the report, the call to 911 came in at 9:11 a.m. Wednesday. Six minutes later, the responding officer patrolled the school grounds for the missing girl and then met with the principal near the playground.

After that, the officer met with the teacher and the janitor and gathered information about what happened before Reynolds was seen on surveillance video.

Around 9:30 a.m. according to the report, Reynolds' parents arrived at the school.

Shortly after noon, Reynolds was found safe, officials said Wednesday afternoon. The girl was found behind a home in the Boulder Bluff subdivision. Reynolds was reunited with her parents shortly after 1 p.m. Her father said the girl left the campus after getting into an argument with a teacher.

School officials have not commented on the alleged argument between the teacher and Reynolds.

Robert Reynolds said he was grateful for the quick response of the school, police and deputies.

Goose Creek Police spent the morning looking for Reynolds who they said walked away from Boulder Bluff Elementary. Officers said they were called around 9:11 a.m. Wednesday.

Police say surveillance shows Reynolds left the school on foot.

Goose Creek police and several other agencies including the Charleston County Sheriff's Office helicopter were in the area trying to find the girl. Officials activated the Reverse 911 service to alert people in a three-mile area around the school that Reynolds was missing.

A cousin of the girl who did not want to be identified says they wanted to spread the word about their loved one on social media.

"From then we all posted pictures started calling one an other I had my mom come get me so we could all go look," said the woman. {}

School district officials echoed what police have said.

"This morning, a Boulder Bluff Elementary student left class voluntarily and exited the campus. The child's parents and the authorities were called immediately. Law enforcement and district personnel are currently on campus as a full investigation and search are currently underway," district officials said in a statement.