Police: 3 teens arrested after tossing bomb into dumpster


CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- Three teens were arrested Sunday afternoon after police say they crafted a homemade bomb and exploded it in a dumpster.

According to Charleston police, 16-year-old James Thornley and two unnamed 16-year-olds were arrested after police responded to the Bamboo Drive home to reports of an explosion.{}

Neighbors told police that there was an explosion and they saw three teens get into a Chevy pickup truck and drive away.{}

Police said a neighbor complained of smoke coming from a dumpster in front of his home. When police looked inside the dumpster, they found a two-liter bottle and aluminum foil that appeared to have been blown up.{}

Other neighbors said they knew who exploded the device and pointed police in the direction of the teens.{}

Police say all three were taken into custody after admitting to exploding the bottle.{}