Police: Baby hit in head during Dollar General robbery

GOOSE CREEK, S.C. (WCIV) - Police in Goose Creek are investigating a reported robbery at a Dollar General store in which a nearly 1-year-old baby was hit in the head intentionally.

According to police, the child was hit in the head as a way to intimidate the victim. Police said it appears an acquaintance of the victim's committed the crime.

According to a police report, the child had bruises to his face and top of his head. The report also says the suspects made off with a 64GB iPad worth about $350 and $300 in cash.

According to the report, the mother, Karsen Ruffin, and her friend, Traci Ann Jewell, were meeting friends to sell the iPad.

Jewell told police she had contacted Donald Little and Robert Anderson for the transaction and were to meet them in the Dollar General parking lot.

Jewell said she and Ruffin stayed in the car while Little approached Jewell on the passenger side before he got into an altercation with Ruffin on the driver's side. It was then that Jewell said Ruffin started screaming about Little hitting the baby in the head with a handgun.

Jewell told police that Little stole the money and the iPad before getting into his car and taking off.

The child was taken to Medical University Hospital for treatment. It was there that officers caught up with Ruffin they said told them she felt as if Jewell had "set her up."

Ruffin told police she had only known Jewell for a couple of weeks through a mutual friend. Her story differs from Jewell's in that she said they met Little at the Goose Creek Sonic before following him to the Dollar General where Robert Anderson met them and drove off with the iPad.

Ruffin said Anderson then called Jewell on her cell phone and arranged another meeting at the Circle K on Hwy 176 and Stephanie Drive. Ruffin said she stayed in the car while Jewell and Anderson spoke outside but instead of getting her iPad back, she was told to drive back to the Dollar General to meet with Little again.

That's when Ruffin says Little came up to her, demanded more money and hit the baby with the gun when she didn't comply.

"Traci, tell her about me," Little reportedly said as he struck the infant a second time, laughed, and got back into his car to leave.

Ruffin told police that Jewell asked her not to call police despite her seeing blood on the side of the baby's head and going into what she thought was a seizure.

The police say the baby has been released from MUSC into the mother's care.