Officer catches man, 20, having sex with girl, 15, in park, NCPD says

Zachary Tyler Varner (provided)

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- A 20-year-old man has been arrested for having a 15-year-old girl perform{}a sex act{}on him in his truck.

According to an incident report from the North Charleston Police Department, an officer was on patrol around 11 p.m. Thursday when he saw a Ford Ranger parked near Collins Park with its windows fogged up.

The officer reported that{}he could see two people inside, a man and a topless girl, and that the man was in the passenger seat. When the couple noticed the police car, they quickly changed seats and the man opened the door to speak to the officer.

The man, identified as Zachary Tyler Varner, told police they were just "in the park, chilling." The girl, who did not have identification, told police she was born in 1997. The report{}states the officer asked Varner if he knew{}the girl{}was only 15; he said he did.

According to police, the girl said she had performed oral sex on Varner, saying, "I have neverdone this before in my life. I did not want to do this, he persuaded me."

The report states that Varner and the teen were dating.

Varner is charged with criminal sexual conduct of a minor in the third degree.

The girl was taken to Medical University Hospital{}and then released to her mother.