Police chief: 'We will make an arrest'

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) --{}For the first time since the shootings started on New Year's Day, North Charleston's police chief stepped forward with details about some of the crimes.

Chief Eddie Driggers on Friday said police have made three arrests. Alonzo Brown was arrested and charged in the shooting on Popperdam Creek Drive. Curtis Franks was arrested on charges he failed to stop for blue lights and resisting arrest. Police say they are looking at him for his involvement in the Mountainbrook Avenue shooting, but he has not been charged.{}

And Maurice Simmons has been arrested in connection to the Ozark Street shooting.{}

Driggers also stressed the importance of community help to solve the shootings and make them stop.{}

"We have boots on the ground as we speak in these areas," he said, adding that his department's efforts to solve eight recent shootings is a non-stop operations.{}

Flanked by officers, Driggers talked Friday about what they know so far.

"We have no indication at all this is an organized gang-related issue that is involved in all of the shootings that we have had," Driggers said.{}

Investigators believe the first three shootings on Aintree Avenue, Niagara Drive and Ventura Drive are related. They also were not random acts of violence, Driggers said.{}

He added that there are suspects, but did not go into details about the people police are investigating.{}

"We're still collecting evidence; we're still collecting information," he said.{}

But the chief believes other people have more crucial details about the crimes, and his detectives need those people to come forward.{}

"It's going to take Mama and Grandmama turning in sons and daughters that are not doing the right thing," Driggers said.{}

That's why North Charleston police are encouraging neighbors to work with them to stop the violence.

"It is important for us to work together as partners to solve crimes and to get the criminal element out of our neighborhoods," he said. "Make no mistake. We will make an arrest in these cases."

Driggers says his officers will do everything they can to protect the people who come forward with tips on the shootings.{}

Tipsters do not have to give their names. Driggers said even one tip can lead to an arrest.{}

To make an anonymous tip, call Crime Stoppers at 554-1111.