Police discover mobile meth lab after investigating nervous glances

From L to R: Nadeau, Fields, Duff, Grooms (provided)

SUMMERVILLE, S.C. (WCIV) --Nervous looks from the occupants of an SUV led Summerville police to pull the vehicle over and they say that's how they discovered a mobile meth lab.

On Oct. 31 around 5 a.m., police report a Chevy Equinox pulled away from the Kangaroo on Central Avenue at Orangeburg Road. Police say the driver and his passengers "looked nervous" so they initiated a traffic stop. Officers also noticed a golf cart frame strapped to the top that was "moving as the vehicle moved away."

According to reports, after searching the vehicle, police found a Pepsi bottle that had "liquid and small white pellets, similar to that in the manufacturing of meth-amphetamines."

All four people were "processed and decontaminated" on the scene and then sent to the detention center.

The driver, 18-year-old Chad Edward Nadeau, and his passengers; 29-year-old Harold Eugene Grooms, 33-year-old Michelle Lynn Fields, and 28-year-old Ashlei Dawne Duff; were charged with various drug offenses including manufacturing a controlled substance near a school.

Nadeau was given a total bond of $40,515. Fields and Grooms were given a total bond of $40,000. Duff was given a total bond of $20,000.

They have all posted bond and have been released.