Police: Drunk man threatens officers outside Market Street Saloon

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- A North Charleston man was arrested outside Market Street Saloon Wednesday night after police say he began screaming expletives and then threatened officers.

According to Charleston police, Thomas Cattle was spotted by a patrol officer sitting on the steps outside the Market Street bar making grunting sounds and screaming "F***." The responding officer reported the man was also holding a can of watermelon-flavored Four Loko.

The report states another officer saw the 30-year-old Cattle puke over the balcony rail and then become combative with people at the bar. Bouncers from Mad River, an adjoining bar, told Cattle he had to leave, which led to Cattle becoming more abusive and disorderly, the report states.

He was arrested for public disorderly conduct, the report notes.

While he was sitting in a police cruiser, officers say Cattle refused to give his name, instead saying his name was "none of y'alls f***ing business," according to the report. He also claimed he would retaliate for his arrest.

"I got guns," he shouted at one officer, the report states. "I'm going to hunt y'all down. If I got to jail, y'all motherf***ers is gone."

Cattle was then charged with threatening a public official.

He is being held in the Charleston County Detention Center. Personnel at the detention center were able to identify him during fingerprinting, the report notes.

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