Police arrest man involved in fight in downtown Charleston

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) - Charleston police arrested a man they say was wanted in connection to an aggravated assault that happened Friday night.

According to police, they spent the weekend looking for 61-year-old Jerome Edward Singleton, of Hanover Street in downtown Charleston. He surrendered to police Monday morning.

Police say he was involved in an altercation with several women. One of the women told police he hit her with a pipe and was carrying a knife. There was blood on the victim's neck that appeared to be coming from the left side of her head, a police report states.

EMS took the woman to Medical University Hospital for treatment.

Officers at the scene talked to witnesses who said that Singleton and the victim were arguing when one of the witnesses tried to intervene. She was reportedly thrown to the ground twice.

On the second time, Singleton allegedly told the witness that he would kill her if she tried to intervene again. She tried again, the report states, and failed.

Another witness told officers that she saw Singleton banging the victim's head to the ground by her braids and she threatened to call police. He also hit the woman in the head with the leg of a broken tale.

During a search of Singleton's home, where a third witness said the altercation began, officers found a lot of blood, several braids that had been pulled out of the victim's hair, and signs of a fight.

While police surveyed the area and talked to witnesses, one of the women involved in the incident said Singleton was bragging about the number of officers at the scene while he was talking on the phone to a family member, according to the report.

Police called Singleton and asked him to return home to talk about the fight, but he was "belligerent and confrontational," and refused to return to his home because he said he knew he would be arrested if he did.

According to the report, Singleton also said he wished the victim's mother had aborted her and said that children are too disrespectful today because parents do not discipline their children.

Singleton would only say he was on Dorchester Road and said he would not meet with police because he had another incident in which he was currently involved, the report states.