Aunt of missing mother of two wants niece home

Latisha Duncan

By Nikki

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV)The aunt of a missing North Charleston woman makes a desperate plea for her niece's safe return home.{} According to police, the husband of Latisha "Tina" Duncan reported her missing Monday around 4 a.m.

Tina's aunt, Susie Duncan, says she raised her niece from the time she was six months old and considers her a daughter. Tina is the mother of two boys whose ages are 8 and 16.

"Tina never stays away from her children. She's a good parent. She takes care of her children," said Brown.

Brown lives just a few houses down from her niece on Captain Avenue in North Charleston. She says the last time she spoke to Tina was on Saturday around 2 p.m.

"She had on a red dress," she said. "And she had on her sandals and she said 'I'm going out.'"

Susie says she then went to church but after not hearing from her niece for quite some time, she became worried.

"Her cell phone kept ringing but I didn't get any answer," she said.

She says she then turned to Tina's husband of about five years, Eddie Duncan,{} for possible answers.

"He said, 'I'll go find her but I don't know where she's at,'" said Brown. "I called him this morning and I said, 'Eddie, you better find my Tina.' And that's when he called the policeman."

Jail records show Eddie Duncan was booked in jail in July for domestic violence but according to Susie, he's now out.

"I keep telling her she needs to leave that man alone. Let that man go about his business. Anytime a man fights on you, you don't need him," said Brown.

With each day that goes by, her fear for her niece's safety grows stronger but Susie prays for a happy ending.

"Tina, wherever you're at, please come home to your children. Your children are your first priority," said Brown.

ABC News 4 tried to reach out to Tina's husband but he was not home at the time.

According to a NCPD report, Duncan is described as 5 feet 5 inches and 160 pounds. Police say they have searched all contacts for Duncan's whereabouts and she may be in danger. According to police, she may use the last name Simmons if contact is made.

If you have any information, call North Charleston Police at 740-1015.