Police: Mother beat infant's attacker with same broom he was hit with

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- Police have arrested a 30-year-old woman for hitting a 1-year-old child with a broom, but not before the baby's mother got a hold of her.

According to a police report, a woman picked up her children from the babysitter at a Reid Street apartment and found knots on her baby's head and bruises on his arm and hand.

Madeline Mikell, 43, told the mother that she was on medications, was asleep most of the day and did not know what happened.

The mother's other 3-year-old child told her that another woman, Deesonia Smith, "had beaten the child (his brother) with a stick."

The mother told police that before officers had arrived at the apartment, she had "assaulted Ms. Smith with the broom with which her child was beaten," saying she wanted Smith to "feel the same pain" her son had felt.

When police recovered the broom, listed as being worth three dollars, it was bent in the middle "due to an unknown force."

The child was taken to MUSC for examination.

Smith is charged with inflicting great bodily injury upon a child and Mikell is charged with unlawful conduct towards a child.