Police: Mother throws crock pot, Baby suffers 2nd degree burns

Felicia Faith Johnson (provided)

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- North Charleston police responded to a Rivers Avenue home earlier this month for reports of an injured infant.Police said they arrived to find the father in the apartment suffering from a burned left hand. He told them his girlfriend, the mother of their infant son, had thrown a crock pot full of boiling liquid at him.He told them the crock pot hit his hand but the majority of the boiling liquid fell on the baby who was laying in his crib.Police found the mother in the bathroom with the baby, trying to help him with his burns. She was on her knees, holding the baby under cold water. Police took the child from her because they said she was holding him under the water in her panicked efforts to help.Police report the child was burned "on the right side of his body from his head to his shoulders, arm, and down to his buttocks." EMS took immediate custody of the child and he was taken to the hospital.Investigators spoke with MUSC staff who told them the child suffered second degree burns and had to go into surgery.The mother, 25-year-old Felicia Faith Johnson, was arrested and charged with criminal domestic violence and assault of a high and aggravated nature.The boyfriend told police the fight had started when Johnson became angry with him over "speaking to too many guys and not paying enough attention to her."The child was put into emergency protective custody with the Department of Social Services.Johnson was given a bond of $75,000 and will appear in court next month.