Police release surveillance of fatal King Street fight

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- Police on Thursday released the surveillance video taken around the scene of a street fight that left one man dead.

An attorney for a former suspect says the video cleared his client of wrongdoing.

Last April, police say the victim, 27-year-old Clinton Seymour, was on King Street with friends when an argument sparked physical violence. Police say Seymour was sucker punched from behind.

The hit knocked him to the ground, police said, where he hit his head. Seymour fell into a coma before dying of his injuries several days later.

Originally police arrested 26-year-old Peter Dudinyak for his alleged involvement as the person who threw the fatal punch in the fight.

Charges against him have since been dropped to simple assault.

Police have now charged 24-year-old Dalton Clarke with involuntary manslaughter for allegedly throwing the punch that killed Seymour.

In the meantime, Seymour's parents have started the Clint Seymour Play Ball Fund in honor of their son who played high school and college baseball.


for the fund can be sent to the Meeting Street Merrill Lynch office in downtown Charleston. They Seymours hope to use the money to fund youth baseball programs in Charleston County and western Pennsylvania where Seymour spent much of his life.