Coroner: Human remains found in Horry County

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WCIV) - The Horry County Coroner confirmed skeletal remains found in a wooden area are human, according to ABC affiliate WPDE.

Horry County Police Lt. Robert Kegler says the remains were collected Saturday in Myrtle Beach.

Authorities analyzing the skeletal remains said they had been in the area for several years.

The remains were scattered across a wooded area. Kegler says that fact leads officers to believe an animal might have moved them.

WPDE spoke with Dawn Drexel, the mother of Brittanee Drexel, who disappeared on Ocean Boulevard in 2009.

Dawn Drexel said she was contacted by law enforcement officials this weekend.

"She had said that they had found some skeletal remains and it does it to me. It kind of puts a pit in your stomach, you know, could this be it?" she said.

When officials contacted Dawn Drexel, they did not know if the remains belonged to a human or not.

"They've always told me that I have to come to terms with the possibility that she might be deceased but as a parent, how do you prepare yourself for that?" said Dawn Drexel.

"It's not closure, it's a resolution," she added. "I don't think you could ever get closure especially when you have a loss of your child."

Authorities are still investigating and said it could be weeks before the remains are identified.