Police respond to school for 11-yr-old's threatening drawings

WALTERBORO, S.C. (WCIV) -- The drawings of an 11-year-old student drew the attention of authorities Friday after teachers say he depicted himself causing harm to a teacher and his mother.

Police were called to Forest Hills Elementary School after a teacher said she found threatening drawings made by one of her students.

The teacher told police that on Thursday of last week, a student told her another student was drawing a picture that showed her being hurt.

The teacher said she found a drawing of a stick figure, labeled "Me" holding a gun and shooting another stick figure labeled as the teacher.

Police say another drawing depicted a female lying on her back in a pool of blood with a stab wound to her abdomen and a knife lying next to her.

A third drawing, according to the report, showed a stick figure labeled "Me" pushing another stick person off a cliff.

When police asked the student about the drawings, he said he had drawn them because he was upset at the teacher because "of an incident" regarding his homework not being done.

Police also say the student identified the stick person being pushed off the cliff a his mother, who he said will be upset that he had gotten in trouble at school.

The boy was released to his mother and a juvenile petition is being sent to the Department of Juvenile Justice.

We are waiting to hear from school officials on the status of the student's enrollment in the school.