Police: Robbery suspect released, another man arrested

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- The suspect in a Sept. 12 armed robbery on Cashew Street was released from jail, authorities said Monday, after a witness to the crime reportedly lied to investigators.

Valentino Hayward, 22, had been charged with the crime.

A spokesman for the Charleston Police Department said he was released from custody Sunday after investigators found that the man who initially implicated Hayward in the crime - Jo'Var Heyward, 17, had been lying to police.

Heyward is now charged with armed robbery and filing a false police report.

"Jo'Var initially told investigators that he witnessed Valentino and Jerron Smith, 18, of Sequoia Street, commit the armed robbery," said spokesman Charles Francis in a news release. "Smith and Jo'Var have confessed to committing the armed robbery.