Victim's mother relieved murder suspect captured

Travaris Walker (provided)

By Nikki

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) - A murder suspect who has been missing since Friday was found outside of Atlanta{} by U.S. Marshals.

Travaris Walker, who managed to break free from an electronic monitoring anklet, was captured and arrested Thursday, according to police.

According to a release from the U.S. Department of Justice, Marshals working with the Charleston County Sheriff's Office believed Walker had fled to Atlanta. Working with the Southeast Regional Task Force, Marshals tracked Walker to an apartment complex there.

Officials said Walker initially gave a false name, but eventually admitted his real identity and was taken into custody.

"Mr. Walker thought that he could escape the charges against him by cutting off his ankle monitor and hiding in a large city," said U.S. Marshal Kelvin Washington.

The Charleston County Sheriff's Office is working with Marshals to determine when Walker will be brought back to Charleston.

Travaris Walker is one of four men charged in the death of Marquis Rashard Richardson, 25, in Dec. 2011.

"I'm so glad he's back in jail," said Helen Duncan, the mother of the victim.{} Richardson was shot just days before Christmas.{} "He shot him in his temple, the coroner said."

Duncan says her son was forced into a car in downtown Charleston and at some point killed.{} His body was found near some railroad tracks of Lincolnville Road in Lincolnville.

"We always used to tell Marquis that you can't be friends with everybody because everybody isn't your friend," said Duncan.

Richardson once played football for St. John's High School and was the father to two girls.

"Marquis was a very nice child. He'd get attached to everybody. Don't care if you're black, pink, or green. He'd like you," said Duncan.

Walker was one of four people charged in connection with her son's death last year. Duncan says she was angry when the man charged with her son's murder was given bond and then allowed to wear an electronic monitoring anklet.

"When they said that he cut it off, I said right then he knew that it's getting time to go to court which would have been next month," said Duncan.

With her son's accused killer back in jail, this time she hopes he stays there.

"If he skipped this time, what do they think he'll do the next time?" questioned Duncan.

Following Walker's arrest, today the Charleston County Sheriff's Office issued the following statement:

We are pleased that Walker has been apprehended, there was a tremendous amount of effort expended both locally and across locations to Georgia by CCSO the U.S. Marshal's Office and other agencies in locating and apprehending Walker.

The Charleston County Sheriff's Office the Berkeley County Sheriff's Office and the Solicitor's Office are in discussion and consideration with Judicial Officials to see how Law Enforcement being involved in the monitoring process could improve efficiency and strengthen the monitoring process. As part of that study the group is looking to other counties in SC who are currently a part of the monitoring process to determine what we can learn from them.