More accusers come forward in expanded check fraud investigation

      Christopher Felber (Provided)

      By Valencia

      BERKELEY COUNTY, S.C. (WCIV) -- What was once a check fraud case involving one quarter of a million dollars appears to be expanding.

      Christopher Felber has been held at the Berkeley County Detention Center for the last month. He's accused of writing more than $225,000 in bad checks.

      Police now say more victims have come forward and three different law enforcement agencies - Berkeley County Sheriff's Office, Dorchester County Sheriff's Office and Goose Creek City Police -- {}are working together on a multi-jurisdictional investigation.

      Robert Keyes says he knows all too well the price that comes with doing business with 23-year old Chris Felber.

      "What he did, after he worked on my car one day, he actually called, I guess got my number off the receipt and actually called and asked me about a business loan. Said, they were going to relocate the business," said alleged victim Robert Keyes.

      Keyes says Felber never repaid a $35,000 loan and wrote him a bogus promissory note.

      "Even prior to lending Chris the money, I sat and talked with him and queried him about the move," said Keyes. "I even praised him saying that, you know, a young man like himself going to business like that, I'm sure he was doing his parents proud. "

      In July, Felber was charged with fraud and was given a $230,000 bond.

      "I'm hurt and disappointed. I guess there are a laundry list of feelings and emotions that I have," said Keyes. "But, I'll just have to let, I guess, the Lord take his course."