Police: Scammers impersonate officers to steal credit card info

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- City of Charleston police and Charleston County deputies are alerting people to a phone scam in which people tell victims they are police to steal credit card information.

According to releases from the two agencies, a person calls a target pretending to be a Lieutenant or Captain with local law enforcement and tells the person they have an outstanding arrest warrant that could lead to jail time. The scammers tell people they have unpaid tickets that can be paid over the phone, the report states.

Officials say the victim is then directed to put money on a green dot cash card and call the impersonator back with the pin number once the card has been purchased. The impersonator may provide a call back number where another individual answers as if they are working for the law enforcement agency then "transfers" the caller back to the perpetrator.

City police and deputies said they do not call people to collect money.

For people who get these calls, officers advise them to hang up and get the caller ID number to turn over to police.