CPD announces Tuesday press conference after Ardmore Subdivision search

The home that police brought bags of evidence out of on Sequoia St. (Dave McQueen/WCIV)

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- Charles Francis with the Charleston Police Department has announced a press conference Tuesday in reference to the police operation executed in the Ardmore Subdivision on Monday.

Police combed the area of the Ardmore subdivision Monday afternoon, not far from where 17-year-old Marley Lion was found murdered.

When asked for confirmation, Charleston Police spokesperson Charles Francis would only say "Police served several search warrants and arrest warrants in Ardmore today."

It is not confirmed that the warrants have anything to do with the Marley Lion case. A relative of Marley's said he was "aware of what's going on" but did not want to comment further.

Our crews on the scene tell us that officers were going door-to-door, talking to homeowners but police would not disclose why.

"The police came and they said they arrested three people and that they are undesirables that hang around in the neighborhood," said one homeowner. "And I never asked them who they were."

According to police records, Brandon Laquan Nelson and Bryan Latrell Rivers were arrested on White Oak Drive for drug charges this afternoon. Records also state a third arrest on White Oak Drive was Julius Terrell Brown for obstruction of justice.

Officers were also seen taking several brown bags out of a blue house on Sequoia Street and putting them in the back of an SUV.

The retention pond behind Famous Joe's was searched earlier this month. No details have been released about what was or wasn't found in that search but crews were using large metal detectors in the water.

Marley Lion was found shot by his truck, parked in the parking lot of Famous Joe's on June 16. Police have said the shooting was the result of a botched robbery and have since released a video showing the shooter and another possible suspect.

If you have any information on the murder of Lion, you are asked to call the investigative unit at the Charleston Police Department {}or Crime Stoppers at 843-554-1111.