Police: Teenager hit by SUV at school, wasn't using crosswalk

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCIV) -- A SUV hit{}a pedestrian, 13,{}on Coleman Boulevard near Moultrie Middle School Wednesday morning, Mount Pleasant Police said.

The child was an eighth grade student who got trapped under the vehicle before being transported to Medical University Hospital. The student suffered injuries to the face, officials said.{}

Officials said he did not use a crosswalk. A crossing guard on the scene told ABC News 4 that it is a common problem for kids to cross Coleman Boulevard and disregard the crosswalks.

Alan Harris is a registered nurse who was dropping his own daughter off at school. He recognized the 13 year old pinned under the SUV.

"It was a young kid I'd just seen at Starbucks 10 minutes earlier. He was under the car. I stopped, ran over there, got down on the ground, made sure his airway was clear," Harris said.

Harris said he had no choice but to help his daughter's friend.

"I'm a registered nurse. That's what we're supposed to do. Plus, I'm a parent. It could've been my child," he said.

Harris said he told the teen to take deep breaths.

"He was bleeding. He was just scared like any little kid would be. So{}I just stopped to try to calm him down. We just tried to keep him calm. He was just thinking he was in a dream. He kept going, 'Is this real?' It was a pretty scary thing," Harris said.

Michael Halls drives down Coleman Boulevard every day on his way to work, he said. He said the site Wednesday morning was alarming.

"I saw an SUV on top of a child. EMTs were trying to get the child off or make sure everything was ok," Halls said.

School officials said the child did not suffer life-threatening injuries. By Thursday morning he was listed in good condition.

"It's very dangerous because you have some people still putting on makeup early in the morning, drinking coffee, not paying attention and things happen," Halls said.

Moultrie Middle Principal Anna Dassing said the two crosswalks outside school have crossing guards and the school works with South Carolina Safe Routes to School to identify traffic hot spots. She said officials actually met with students yesterday to go over safety.

"We tell the kids all the time use the crosswalks, wear a helmet, listen to adults, pay attention to your surroundings. Sometimes kids are going to be kids," Dassing said.

The driver will not be ticketed and was not driving at high speeds, Mount Pleasant Police said. Nonetheless, Dassing asked drivers to always slow down and use caution.

"You just have to make sure you're paying attention to your surroundings and making sure you're on point as far as surroundings. You don't know when those kids are going to pop out,"

Dassing said she's also working with the school district to install flashing lights and new signs. She hoped better markings on the road would lessen the chance of another accident. In the meantime, Halls said students should learn a lesson.

"It depends on the kids. If they wizen up and say, 'Look what happened to Johnny. We don't want it to happen to you so you need to use the crossing guard,'" Halls said.

Harris said he hoped his own children learned lessons in helping others and safety.

"My younger son, I'm going to teach him he better take the crosswalk because that's the safe way to go. I think 13-year-old boys believe they're invincible. Obviously today proved they're not. Life's fragile," Harris said.

The accident happened around 8 a.m. and the road closed for almost an hour.