Police: Women may be trying to abduct baby from hospitals

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- A pair of women who have been showing up at obstetrician's offices all over the Lowcountry claiming to be pregnant may actually be looking to abduct a baby, Charleston police said on Wednesday.

According to a police report, the women get in to hospitals by scheduling appointments for pregnancy symptoms, but the hospitals have repeatedly{}determined they were not pregnant after tests.{}The report showed employees at Roper Hospital called police after the women had an appointment there.

Employees thought{}two women were trying to abduct a baby.

The two women are Shavonda Hinson of Florida and Kim Alston of Charleston County. The report said the pair visited area hospitals six times in the last five months. Every time, one or both of them said they were pregnant and asked to be treated. And, every time, they were told tests came back negative, police reports show.

The report showed the two women said they met over the Internet. Police said Hinson told Alston she was raped and got pregnant from it. She came to Charleston in 2012 to meet her new friend, police said.

The police report{}also said the women were seen pushing an empty baby stroller in a hospital.

Police said Hinson had separate aggravated assault charges pending in Florida. They said they{}reached out to Florida's attorney general office to attain a special extradition. Hinson was extradited to Florida for the separate alleged incident, police said.

Police said Alston has been placed on trespass notice for all Roper St. Francis Healthcare facilities.

Alston denied to police they were trying to abduct a child.