Poll: Sanford has momentum heading into Tuesday

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- A new poll released Sunday by Raleigh-based polling firm Public Policy Polling finds the 1st District race too close to call as the campaigns head into the last days of the race.

According to the most recent poll, former Gov. Mark Sanford leads businesswoman Elizabeth Colbert Busch by one point, 47-46, which represents a 10-point reversal over the polling house's last poll that showed Sanford down 9 points.

The most recent poll, however, notably varies in polling demographics among African Americans and Republicans. The initial poll had a greater black and smaller GOP sampling compared to Sunday's poll.

Public Policy Polling surmises that Sanford edged his way back into the race by bringing in the names of national Democrats, most notably Nancy Pelosi, who has a strong unfavorability rating in the district. The polling found Pelosi's favorability rating at only 24 percent inside the state's 1st District.

PPP also found Colbert Busch's favorability has dropped 19 points over the last two weeks and stands now at 50 percent approving of her and 44 percent disapproving.

Meanwhile, the polling house found that Sanford had gained some ground in his favorability rating, but was still upside down with 43 percent approving and 54 percent disapproving of the former governor.

"If SC-1 voters went to the polls on Tuesday and voted for the candidate they personally liked better, Colbert Busch would be the definite winner. That's why Sanford's campaign has tried to shift the focus toward national Democrats who are unpopular in the district, and that's been a key in helping him to make this race competitive again," PPP wrote Sunday.

Public Policy Polling also found that Republicans are returning to the electorate as was evidenced by the spike in the number of people who voted for GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney.

"Colbert Busch could certainly still win this race. Sanford remains unpopular and she's run a strong campaign. But we said 2 weeks ago that if Sanford was going to win he needed to shift the focus away from him and toward Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi, and it appears he's done that effectively enough to give him the momentum headed into election day," the pollsters wrote.

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