Poor turnout for 'Save the Youth' rally in Columbia

By Ava

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WCIV) On steps of the Statehouse in Columbia last week about 20 people gathered in support of saving South Carolina Youth and Families.

"I regret to say the community failed once again to assemble in support of this positive event," said Pastor Thomas Dixon of Summerville.

Dixon is one of the coordinating members of the coalition, People United To Take Back Our Community. He felt called to support The Save the Youth and Family March in Columbia.

Dixon said the event was the vision of Minister John Henry of Columbia. He said besides members of their own families, only a handful people came out in support.

"In spite of the poor showing, we still started the rally at about noon and delivered our speeches until about 4 p.m.," Thomas said.

Dixon said the rally was only supposed to last one hour longer, but they decided not to wait until 5 p.m.

The spirit of the event was aimed at encouraging community involvement, youth outreach, and stopping violence.

Dixon said there is no one violent event or community event that set in motion planning for the rally, but he believes when more people support the mission of The Coalition and other community-based civil rights groups, a positive change will come to areas struggling to get rid of criminal activity.

"No discouragement though. We will be going back. Plans are already in the making as to how we can get a better response from the community the next time," said Dixon.{}