Porter Gaud's Middleton prepping for NBA draft

Middleton (Scott Eisberg/WCIV)

By Scott

ATLANTA (WCIV) -- For Porter Gaud grad Khris Middleton, the next week will have an awful lot to do with his career for the rest of his life.

"I think about draft day all the time, consistently, all the time in my head. I take it one day at a time, but I'm anxious," said Middleton, who declared for the NBA draft after his junior season at Texas A&M.

"I talked to my family, and we thought it was the best decision to leave. We thought I was ready, and I did too," Middleton said.

So, Middleton's in Atlanta. {}Wednesday held his 11th NBA workout. He has four more planned, and the draft is one week away.

"Traveling, every day, we play non stop. Now, it's just travel, get used to getting on a plane every other day in a different city, that's an adjustment we have to make," Middleton said.

Taking the leap of faith and entering his name into the NBA draft was not an easy one. Middleton had a spectacular sophomore campaign at Texas A&M, but his junior season was injury-plagued. He suffered a partially torn meniscus in his knee and missed nearly half a season.

"I'm 100 percent, no problems. I'm fine," he says.

The challenge now, convincing the NBA teams through his workouts and film that his knee is fine and won't be a liability at the next level.

"Nobody would be here if we didn't think we have the talent," Middleton said. Everyone has huge confidence in themselves. I have a good feeling I'll be drafted, but first or second round I don't know."

There is one thing the North Charleston native certainly does know, his desire to play in the NBA.

"It's always been a dream, and I think I can make that dream come true," he said.{}

{}He'll find out, at home, in a week.