Power to End Stroke

Power To End Stroke is an education and awareness campaign that embraces and celebrates the culture, energy, creativity and lifestyles of Americans. It unites people to help make an impact on the high incidence of stroke within their communities.

Power To End Stroke was created in 2006 by the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association to help reach the ASA mission to reduce stroke and risk of stroke by 25% by 2010. It was also meant to raise critical awareness within the African American population. Heart disease and stroke are major health risks for all people, but African Americans are at particularly high risk. Consider this:

  • Blacks have almost twice the risk of first-ever strokes compared to whites.
  • Blacks have higher death rates for stroke compared to whites.
  • The prevalence of high blood pressure in African Americans in the United States is the highest in the world.

EMPower is the new call to action for Power To End Stroke:{}E-M-Power, Earn a Million for Power To End Stroke.{}To ensure that the Power message gets out to over 500,000 African Americans by 2011, Power has a goal of raising $5 million in funds to continue Power education and outreach over the next three years.{}

How are we going to do this?{}Power To End Stoke has created a Tribute/Memorial site that contains Web pages created by family members or friends in honor of their loved ones that have suffered a stroke.{}Each page tells the story of a special person and provides the opportunity to make an online donation to our mission.{}Anyone can create a Tribute or Memorial page of their own to honor a loved one today; it's an easy six-step process.{}Go to the Tribute and Memorial site now to get started.

Will you help us reach this goal? We are asking each Power Ambassador to raise $500 for the cause.{}For each person that raises $100 or more, prizes such as t-shirts and other Power To End Stroke merchandise will be awarded. The individual{}who raises the most dollars though the EMPower campaign by May 31 will receive two complimentary American Airline tickets to any location{}in the 48 states, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, Bermuda or the Bahamas. Thank you American Airlines for your contribution to the campaign.

These are aggressive goals, but with your support it can be done.{}Many other causes and issues - that don't claim as many lives as CVD and stroke - raise millions of dollars for research and education from Americans every day. Together, we can EMPower others to take a stand against stroke. Stroke is a devastating illness, but it's not as powerful as we areā‚¬|because we have the Power To End Stroke.{}

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