Prayer service planned for missing woman

Pastor Marshall Blalock

By Nikki Gaskins

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- On Wednesday, a prayer service will be held at First Baptist Church in downtown Charleston at 6 p.m. for missing mother of two, Marjorie Gayle McCaffrey. The public is invited to attend.

Her husband first reported her missing on Sunday after investigators say the couple got into a verbal altercation after dinner the day before.

"It's been a complete shock for us to think that this is happening to Gayle," said the missing woman's pastor, Marshall Blalock. "We're disturbed by this as anybody would be."

Blalock has been the pastor of First Baptist Church for the past fifteen years and has known Gayle for that same amount of time.

"Her family has deep roots in the church for years and years," he said.

According to investigators, after Gayle and her husband, Robert, got into a fight, he left for the upstate to clear his mind. When he returned to the couple's home on Limestone Boulevard hours later, Gayle was gone and the couple's two young children were asleep.

"It would be hard for me to fathom that she would voluntarily leave those children. It's just impossible to me," said Blalock. "She loves them so much. Every time she was at church, they were with her."

The children have been in protective custody since their mother vanished. Blalock says the kids attend the church's private school. He also said their father was not an active member, but he did sometimes accompany them to church.

"When I've seen the family together, they've always seemed like a happy family and the children and their mom and dad always seemed to be interacting well," said Blalock.

Not only does Gayle work at the Citadel, but Blalock said she is an active member of the church choir.

"She's an outstanding person," said Blalock. "There's nothing about Gayle's life that would have anticipated anything like this happening."

With the prayer service taking place on Wednesday, Blalock said he and fellow church members hope it will lead to Gayle's safe return.

"I wish we knew something. I wish we had something to say to find her," said Blalock.

According to the attorney for Gayle's husband, he does plan to fight to regain custody of his two children. A hearing is expected this week.

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