Pregnant woman at center of belly-touching case speaks out

CUMBERLAND COUNTY, Penn. (WHTM) -- It's a case that has a lot of people talking: a man will face charges after allegedly touching a Cumberland County woman's pregnant belly against her wishes.

Police said the incident happened Oct. 20{}on Tip Top Circle in Lower Frankford Township. Officials said{}the man hugged and rubbed the Michelle Troutman's stomach.

Troutman said the incident occurred in her kitchen after her neighbor stopped by unannounced. He was acting strange and then touched her, Troutman said.

She is nine months pregnant.

"He just kind of put his hands on my belly and was just touching the outside of my belly," Troutman said. "I am looking at him and I am saying, 'No.' "

According to Pennsylvania law, any touch to a person's body that is unwanted is illegal and can be considered harassment. The law is not new, but because of this case it has been getting a lot of attention.

Even though Troutman is the shy, hands-off type, she's happy a lot of people are listening. She said a mother-to-be's growing mid-section does not come with an invitation to touch; innocent or not.

"If you are a pregnant mother and you find out you don't really like that, definitely don't let people push that on you," Troutman said.

The man accused of the unwanted belly rub will face a summary offense that will most likely result in some sort of fine, police said.