Preparing a hurricane survival kit

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCIV) -From hospitals to homes, one thing every person needs as the Lowcountry headsinto the heart of hurricane season is a survival kit.

From first aid kits for anyminor injuries to paper towels for any clean up to generators for plenty ofelectrical power, Todd Friddle at Lowe's Home Improvement talks to a lot ofpeople about the supplies they need.

"You need to make sure you'vegot water. We stock water ready to go, generators to make sure you haveelectricity - you don't want to worry about that. But we have a lot of olderpeople that have medicine that must be kept cold," he said.

They also have a large varietyof batteries and flashlights.

"We've got personal flashlights- these are an excellent item to just light up a room. And you'll definitelyneed those batteries," Friddle said.

Friddle says rope is one itemmany people don't think about, but it comes in handy if storm victims have toprotect a damaged roof or tie down patio furniture.

A lot of people also buygenerators for their homes.

"The big thing is to make sureyou keep fresh gas in it. If you run it, I personally like to run mine empty,"Friddle said. "Run it until it's empty. That way you don't have to worry aboutthe ethanol gas problems we have today."

He says new models also haveautomatic shutoffs that will prevent owners from blowing up the motor if theoil in the generator is low.