Prepping for the Family Circle Cup

By Sonya

DANIEL ISLAND, S.C. (WCIV) -- The countdown is on for the Family Circle Cup.

The tennis tournament brings people from all around the world to the Lowcountry and preparing for the event is no small task.

There are just eight days until the tournament begins on Daniel Island at the Family Circle Stadium and for those setting up, time is of the essence. They are hoping to have everything set up by Sunday.

From putting up bleachers to prepping the tennis courts, it's crunch time at the Family Circle Stadium as employees prep for their biggest event of the year.

"Right now we are in the middle of our construction phase, which is building all our suites, our temporary bleachers, our food courts, really bringing all the things that aren't here on a year round basis," said Bob Moran , General Manager of the Family Circle Tennis Center.

And every year, they try to make it even better than the year before.

"We built three new courts that are part of our year-round facility and those transition into new possibilities for us this year, so you'll see a new food court this year that we are putting on one of our hard courts," said Moran.

Their main priority though is taking care of the five tennis courts.

"It's a daily upkeep from watering to rolling to get it into the condition that we know the players like," said Moran.

And of course, the weather can make that a challenge.

"The clay just absorbs the water and then it seeps off to the sides but it all depends on the amount of rain. A slight rain or even a little bit of rain these courts will come back quickly; a heavy downpour will knock us out for a little bit," said Moran.

Moran said he is hoping for nice weather during the event which will bring approximately 90,000 people into stadium over a nine-day span.