President Obama gets an invitation

By Tessa

COLUMBIA, S. C.(WCIV)-- State Representative Wendell Gilliard (D-Charleston) had a resolution passed Tuesday to be able to formally invite President Barack Obama to speak to the SC Joint Assembly in Columbia.

In a phone interview Gilliard said, "Having the president of the United States come and address the Joint Assembly is always a good thing for historical reasons." He also said that he was "somewhat awestruck that it passed both Houses with no opposition." And that's something he is very proud of.

Mr. Obama wouldn't be the first president to speak before the Joint Assembly. Presidents George Bush,Sr. and Jr. have had the opportunity to, as well. When asked what Obama will talk about should he accept the invite, Gilliard said," He can come and address us in any form or fashion he chooses."

The invitation has been sent to Washington and now it's just wait-and-see. Perhaps, the fact that Rep. Gilliard recently received a President's Award for Outstanding Community Service will come in to play when the president decides whether or not to RSVP.

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