'Princess Charleston of the Isle of Palms'

It is a story about a little girl in her very own fairy tale along a Lowcountry Beach. The book is "Princess Charleston of the Isle of Palms."

Author Kelly Sheehy DeGroot devised the story when her daughter, Charleston, was just nine week old. DeGroot was at her family home on Isle of Palms and was rocking Charleston on the outside porch.

"My one true joy was sitting on the back porch singing songs and telling her stories," DeGroot told Lowcountry Live.

Charleston is now four years old and DeGroot is sharing the story with other children in her newly released, self-published book.

DeGroot describes "Princess Charleston of the Isle of Palms" as a "modern day princess tale where the princess does the rescuing rather than having to be rescued." The story also promotes conservation while showcasing respect for the Lowcountry and its natural beauty. DeGroot is especially proud of the illustrations. She hired an artist from the United Kingdom to provide watercolor illustrations, based on Lowcountry photos provided by DeGroot.

DeGroot has three local book signings scheduled:

June 22: Princess of Tides Belle Hall Shopping Center, 11amJune 23: Charleston Creamery Mount Pleasant, 2-4pmJune 24: Morgan Creek Grill Isle of Palms, 11am

You may purchase "Princess Charleston of the Isle of Palms" at the Isle of Palms Marina, Chic Antique in Mount Pleasant, at, through Amazon and via Kindle download.

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