Private upcycling biz to support single moms

NORTHCHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) - A new project is bringing together conservation, art,and single mothers.

TheCreativeFlow Reuse Center was created to take used or recycled materials, turn theminto creative pieces of art, home decorations or other useful items, sell theseitems to the public and give the profit to Maia Moms, a group that helps singlemothers through job training and education.

The groupannounced the project at a press conference candidate.

"Creative reuse centers aroundthe country have proven to be a valuable resource for education, revenue forartists, assistance to needy families and growing the small business communityall while keeping more waste out of the landfill," said Allison Herrin,Executive Director of Maia Moms.{}

This is the third project on the, a statewide portal for small businesses, entrepreneurs andnonprofits to access capital through donations or private investment.

Theproject can be viewed and donations made by going to

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