Procedural hearing held in St. Maarten murder case

ST. MAARTEN (WCIV) - In a procedural hearing in the St. Maarten murder case held Tuesday, prosecutors asked the court for a reconstruction of the crime scene.

The judge hearing the case granted the request.

Now,{}court officials{}will go back to the scene, set it up like it was found and they will take the statements all three suspects gave them and go through each of them to determine if their statements about what happened during the crime are feasible, said Solicitor General Taco Stein.

Stein said they will actually re-enact the crime to look at things like line-of-sight, positioning of evidence and then compare those things to the statements they have on record.

A date has not yet been set for the reconstruction, Stein said, but it will happen before the trials start on April 8.

The reconstruction will be completely private and no one other than police, attorneys, defendants and the judge will be at the scene.

Also, the psychiatrist's written report was submitted to the court. The psychiatrist has completed a preliminary examination of all{}three suspects and determined no more psychological evaluations are needed for any of the suspects.

Stein said the defense attorney had some questions about that finding which the psychiatrist will have to address before the trial.

Stein said based on the defense's questioning of the psychological report, it appears as if the attorneys may be looking to argue that one or all of the suspects is mentally ill - though he couldn't speculate on whether they may be attempting that argument on all or just one of the suspects.