Proposed uniform changes revised in Colleton County

By Valencia

WALTERBORO, S.C. (WCIV) - Every morning, Teresa Price has to pay close attention to what her daughter wears to school.

"The colors are absolutely horrific," Price said.

Price has a daughter in the fifth grade who attends a Colleton County school. There is a county-wide uniform policy where elementary students can only wear light pink, light blue, pale yellow, white or navy polo shirts.

Price says it's hard enough to find the approved colors with the right stipulations.

"With my child, she's an awkward size, so sometimes I have to order online," said Price.

So when Price heard about a proposal for a stricter dress code, she began to worry.

"My fear is, next year she's going to get into this environment where the focus is not on educating her," Price said. "I don't want my daughter's grades to drop."

Last week, administrators wanted to limit sock colors and patterns, the type of head and hair accessories, jackets types and color of shoes students could wear.

"One of the concerns were, as for information that we sometimes get that while some of those things were quite fashionable, some of them were also items that were sometimes related to being a part of certain affiliations or certain friends we will say," said Leila Williams, superintendent of Colleton County Schools.

After dozens of parents voiced concern about potential cost and lack of personality, Williams says she and other administrators took heed.

"It's not meant to be punitive by any means," Williams said. "It's not meant to increase the cost to their household by any means. I totally understand what's going on economically."

On Monday, Williams released a newly revised proposal which excluded mention of sock or shoe color but, did narrow the options for sweatshirts and accessories.

Williams says if any changes to the dress code are approved, they won't be implemented until the 2014-2015 school year.{}