Proposed school on Sullivan's Island again takes center stage

Sullivan's Island residents attend a school board meeting Monday (Stacy Jacobson/WCIV)

SULLIAN'S ISLAND, S.C. (WCIV) -- The debate over a proposed new elementary school on Sullivan's Island continued Monday.

Members of the Charleston County School District Board of Trustees voted Monday to break ground on the new school.

The 7-2 vote comes just days after supporters of a smaller school on the island filed a lawsuit against the town arguing they should be able to vote on the issue. The lawsuit, filed Friday, states the Town Council must put in place a town law to reconsider the current proposal for the school.

Nearly 30 people had registered to speak during the public comment portion of the meeting.

"Please allow democratic process to play out," a speaker asked the school board. "Don't undermine (the process) by voting for a construction project that may be overturned."

"If we don't rebuild now, there will be a new corridor of shame," said one speaker who favored building the school. "Please rebuild this school."

The proposed new school would replace the one that has already been torn down. The new school would be about twice the size of the former school building.

"I asked my mom this summer after the school was torn down why they were not rebuilding. She told me it was because a small group if people did not want the school rebuilt or make it so small that it would exclude me and my friends from attending," fifth-grade student Carlie McLaughlin said.

The Town Council has already agree to work with the school district to build the new school.

Stacy Jacobson and Matthew LeBlanc contributed to this report